Short Stories

The Wild Hunt

Eadric is the son of the alpha chief of the Eoforwine wolfshifters and a strange conundrum to his pack. He’s a beta, a dominant, but while he feels comfortable acting as a leader to his pack he doesn’t want to dominate any of them. He’s not sure how he’ll ever find love—until the Wild Hunt begins and the nearby fae clan runs down from their mountain to engage in friendly sport with his pack.

When the purple-eyed fae, Cadeyrn, challenges Eadric for the right to court him, Eadric needs to decide if the love and dominance Cadeyrn offers is worth leave his pack and the only home he’s ever known for.

16,000 words, M/M, Fantasy, Shifters, Interracial, Action, Holiday Story, Dom/sub

Originally published December 15th, 2013 by Amber Quill Press
Republished April 14th, 2017 on Amazon

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It Will Rain On Our Wedding Day

Ethan is the best gay wedding planner in Texas and after the Marriage Equality act passed, his job suddenly got a whole lot busier. He’s hoping for a relaxing Christmas break to rest, but when one of his old clients calls for help he just can’t turn it down. At the wedding, he meets Noah—a young doctor far too attractive to be interested in someone like him. Or so he thinks.

As Ethan and Noah begin to navigate the steps toward being together, it seems the world is conspiring to keep them apart. It’s up to them to persevere if they want their happily ever after.

13,000 words, M/M, Contemporary, Slice of Life, Meet Cute, Holiday Story, Feel Good

Originally published November 8th, 2015 by Amber Quill Press
Republished March 5th, 2017 on Amazon

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