About Skylar Jaye

Skylar Jaye has been an m/m author since 2009 when she made her first stumbling steps into the wide world of slash fanfiction. She’s grown a lot as a writer since then (thank goodness) but she stills enjoys reading and writing emotionally-charged gay relationships in a variety of strange worlds.

Since writing romance is her hobby, Skylar doesn’t limit herself. She still writes fanfiction–though she’s recently made a pact to only post finished, fully-plotted stories to her new and improved ao3 account. She plans to explore popular fanfiction tropes in new ways in her original fiction as well. She’s terrible at long things and doubts she’ll ever be a successful series-maker, but she likes novel arcs and will continue to work on creating more significant romantic arcs within her stories. 

You can find all of my published fiction through this website or head over to my Amazon author page.

You can also check out my stories’ ratings and reviews via my Goodreads page.

My blog (if you can call it that) can be found on my tumblr.

Newest Release


Sequel my best-selling superhero romance erotica, Eddie.

Once supervillain kidnapper and powerless hostage, Vlad and Eddie are now happily living together in Boston. Except, Vlad can’t seem to get over his reservations about their relationship. Not only is he a super-powered vigilante, he’s also Eddie’s Dominant partner. At what point did such an unbalanced relationship become unhealthy?

Vlad’s worries take a turn for the worse when a new supervillain comes to town. Madam Dina takes control with ruthless efficiency and soon she sets her sights on Vlad—and on Vlad’s greatest weakness, Eddie. Now, Vlad must struggle to regain control of his fluctuating powers before he loses Eddie, and the happy life they’d built, permanently.

60,000 words, M/M, Science Fiction, Superheroes, Mystery/Suspense, Psychological, Dom/sub

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